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Nanocor is a new operating subsidiary of Minerals Technologies Inc.. We are the largest global supplier of nanoclays specifically designed for plastic nanocomposites. Over the past decade Nanocor has developed patented technologies for producing nanoscale clays suitable for incorporation into plastics and technologies for making nanocomposites themselves. Commercial nanoclay production began in 1998 and today we offer a variety of products under the Nanomer® trademark.

Nanocomposite technology is a young material science and plastic nanocomposites are among its first commercial applications. Nanocor’s products improve barrier, flame resistance, thermal and structural properties of many plastics. They are not only used to improve existing products, but also are extending their reach into areas formerly dominated by metal, glass and wood.

Our customers’ applications are as varied as plastics themselves and they potentially intersect a multitude of products used by consumers and industry every day. Nanocor’s main focuses are the appliance, construction, electrical, food packaging and transportation sectors, but unique uses surface almost daily. This website provides information about nanocomposite technology, our nanoclays and how they are used, as well as our capabilities in assisting plastic resin producers, compounders, and product fabricators in capturing its benefits for their customers. Simply point and click “Commercial” or “Technical” to learn more about how our nanoclays can enhance your plastics.

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